Wednesday, February 09, 2005

job dissatisfaction

why do wrinkly old men feel the need to try and pick up much younger, attractive women? obviously, the young woman in question is me, or i wouln't find it nearly so annoying. give it up grandad, apart from the fact that you spend each and every day propping up the bar, i don't like men.

okay, thats a bit harsh. there are actually lots of men that i like. i just don't like them in the biblical sense.

I suppose i only have myself to blame, choosing to work in a straight pub. i'm beginning to consider whether i actually need the extra income or not.

actually, there really isn't much to consider - i totally need the extra cash. maybe i just need to get myself a job in a gay bar instead. hmmmmmm.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


why is it that i start a blog, then spend weeks deciding what to write? surely the sensible thing to have done would be to think of what to write first.

the main reason i started this was that i needed a place to vent. and do you see any venting yet? nope.

and thats because i'm just too damn nice.

really, thats the reason.